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What is DAppCluster?

DAppCluster is an auto-compounding Smart Contract, built on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) blockchain. The platform has been coded with High Level Security and Safety as a PriorityDAppCluster was created by, and for smart people who value long term, and sustainable dividend paying opportunities conducted via smart contract technology- With No Intermediaries -DAppCluster Ticks All the Right Investment Boxes.

DAppCluster is now live on the BSC blockchain.


  1. A Long Term &Sustainable Decentralized Ecosystem
  2. Source Code Verified Smart Contract
  3. Audited by Multiple Auditors
  4. Built on the BSC Blockchain
  5. Built-in Mechanism to Protect Contract Drain from Whales
  6. Passive Income Source
  7. Scam Proof v No Backdoor & Exit Scam Code
  8. Open-Source Code
  9. Supported by Industry Leading Experts&a Large Crypto Community

Working of DAppCluster

  1. DAppCluster Is a Smart Contract Running on the BSC Blockchain
  2. DAppCluster Is a Decentralized Smart Contract that Provides Fairness & Transparency for All Investors.
  3. There Is No 3rd Party Involvement! Once the Contract has been Deployed on The BSC Blockchain it cannot be Tampered with or Changed.
  4. DAppCluster Pays a Daily 2% Compound Interest Rate
  5. You Can Earn up to, an 8% Referral Bonus for Referring Your Friends
  6. The Higher Your Level of investment, the Greater Your Returns and the Money You Will Earn
  7. Designed with sophisticated Anti-Whale Protection Technology to eliminate Dumping & Exit Scams
  8. Designed for Longevity, it will Run for the Long Term and Provide Passive Income to Investors for Many Years

Mechanics of DAppCluster

  1. Minimum Deposit of 0.1 BNB
  2. No Maximum Investment Restriction
  3. Daily 2% Interest for Every Day You Remain Invested (Minimum 50 Days Hard Locking)
  4. Built-In Compounding Mechanism
  5. Long Term & Sustainable (Anti Whale Protection - Using Soft Locking)
  6. 3 Levels of Referral Commission (Referrals Are Optional)
  7. No Restrictions on Withdrawals after Completion of the Hard & Soft Locking Period
  8. Referral Bonus, Development Fees & Marketing Fees will Not be Deducted from Investor Deposits

Hard Locking on DAppCluster

  1. Hard Locking Ensures this contract will run for the Long Term &be Sustainable
  2. Once the User Deposit BNB is in the Smart Contract it will be Locked For 50 Days
  3. All Investors will receive a Daily 2% Interest Payment during the Hard Locking Period
  4. After 50 Days,all Investors can choose to either remain Invested,or Withdraw their Funds
  5. If anInvestor wishesto withdraw their Funds, he/shecan execute the EndParticipation Option
  6. The Lock up Period will give Stability and Encourage Sustained Growth, by Providing Ample Time to Reach Out to New Users & Engage them with DAppCluster
  7. In the Near Future DAppCluster will Deploy Yield Farming for exponential growth. This will explode Earnings, Growth and Uptake, by creating a virtuous cycle, and Attracting GreaterInvestmentfrom the Crypto Community, Further Strengthening the Contract and Platform

Soft Locking on DAppCluster

  1. Once an Investor Selects the End Participation Option - Soft Locking will be Applied
  2. The Soft Locking Duration is a Stability & Safety Mechanism, built into the Smart contract so as to Ensure that Funds Cannot be Drained Overnight due to Panic Withdrawals, this will give Further Confidence to Investors
  3. In the Soft Locking Period Investors Will Not receive Any Interest Benefit Directly
  4. Interest Earned by Investors in This Period will be used to Pay a Referral Bonus Total of 14% for 3 Levels, 4% Marketing Fees & 4% Development Fees, equal to 22% of Invested Amount
  5. Taking into Consideration the Daily Interest of 2%, we have applied an 11 Days Soft LockingPeriod for Paying the Above Charges (Not Deducted from User Investment)
  6. After the Soft Locking Period Investors can withdraw the Invested Amount, including Interest Earned & Referral Bonus

Referral Benefits

    1. Referral Bonus Will Be Paid on Investment
    2. The Referral Bonus is Stored Separately, and will be Paid to Investors when withdrawing their Investment
    3. Compounding will Not be Applicable to Referral the Bonus
    4. Your Interest Is Not Dependent on a Referral Bonus, It’s Optional
    5. The Referral Bonus Is Not Deducted from the Investor’s Investment
    6. The Referral Bonus Is Applicable on 3 Levels
      • 🥇 Investors at Level 1 Will Receive 8% Of Investment
      • 🥈 Investors at Level 2 Will Receive 4% Of Investment
      • 🥉 Investors at Level 3 Will Receive 2% Of Investment

Development and Marketing Fees

  1. Similar to the referral amount marketing and development fees also generated during soft locking period and will not be deducted from the original investments(deposit) of the users.
  2. Development & marketing accounts are restricted from investement. They can only earn bonus as locking period is not applied on them.
  3. Development and marketing account will not be having any locking period as these fees will be used to continuous enhancements of the system for better functionality of the ecosystem and marketing activities from the beginning)
    • ⚙️ Development Fees: 4%
    • 📣 Marketing Fees: 4%

Key Features

  1. Investors can invest as small as 0.1 BNB.
  2. Hard and soft locking periods will not allow system funds to drain and keep system live for the long run.
  3. Development fees, marketing fees or any referral amount will not be deducted from the original investments of the users. Same will be generated during soft locking period reducing burden on the investors.